Hello; I am Brontë Marsteller. 🌹 I am a creative producer, information designer, and project manager living and working in Chicago, IL. Currently, I work for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, an artist-activated and audience-engaged museum.

I care about making art more accessible by managing and planning our website’s navigation, usability, and information architecture. During the pandemic, our team launched a framework for digital programming, a new platform to engage in institutional content, and a usability data-driven audit of the website.

When I’m not working, I'm dancing, tending to my plants, and drinking water. In my spare time, I enjoy working on socially engaging projects. Lately, I have been painting patterns, making shirts, designing posters and building websites.

This year, my friends and I started Breakwater, a local publication rooted in a changing world, where we explore Chicago-based cultures. 

Before work from home became the new norm, I worked as a Project Manager at PayPal, democratizing financial services and helping merchants navigate innovative technology.

And even before that, I worked on public policy communication at the Center for American Progress and the United States Department of the Treasury under the Obama Administration. 

Most of what I know, I learned at Smith College, where I got my BA in 2015. Everything else, I learned from the internet.

I am from Tucson, Arizona.

Photo credit: nico segall